Nighttime Revisited

by Rob Harms Belmont

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Well, this is a strange one. My band The Theatre Zombies ( had a demo in 2010 called "The Nighttime Falling". As of probably 2011 we decided we didn't like it all that much and pretty much ignored its existence, as most bands seem to do with their earliest work.

So, my brother (bass player in the Theatre Zombies) and I used to joke around about redoing Slaughter in the South Bronx in various different styles, like folk or country. It wasn't until 2015 that I messed around with the songs pacing and structure and came up with something we both liked. This was the catalyst of what would become this little home brew EP.

Nighttime Revisited is a compilation of songs off the original Theatre Zombies demo, redone with a lot more thought put into them as now I am a slightly more respectable musician ha ha. This is sort of a "What if?"


released May 8, 2015

All instruments and vocals preformed by Rob Harms Belmont.
Drums programmed with Logic Drummer by Rob Harms Belmont.

Recorded and mixed by Rob Harms Belmont
This was all recorded at home with no studio involvement. I am not a professional engineer so forgive any audio inconsistency.

All songs written by Rob Harms except...
Slaughter in the South Bronx originally written by Mike Harms (Michael Van Buren)
Undead Girl originally written by Rob Harms and Mike Harms.
Songs originally arranged and preformed by The Theatre Zombies (Rob Harms, Mike Harms, and Tommy Tran)



all rights reserved


Rob Harms Belmont Stratford, Connecticut

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Track Name: Slaughter in the South Bronx
Living in the basement was a gang of thugs.
Roughing up the neighbors and dealing out drugs.
Landlord decided he had enough.
Called the police put an end to that stuff.

It was a Slaughter in the South Bronx x3
Terror in the Tenement

My head is full of blood their leader said.
All the of the residents would soon be dead.
Someones got to take a stand
and save our humble tenement.

For the gang the battle's lost.
Protect our home at any cost.
For their leader there's no escape.
Electrified box spring sealed his fate.

Track Name: Carfax Abbey
Upon the dark water Dracula's ship did sail.
Loaded with boxes, Transylvanian earth inside.
Don't look in his eyes, you might die.
Upon the coast line I swear I see...

Don't go inside, hide your eyes! x2

Or else he'll be back to take some more.
He'll be back to settle scores.
He'll be back to take your soul!

Buried in the dirt Nosferatu waits to maim.
Seeking in shadows vampires curse the dawn.
Lovely Mina, Don't let him hypnotize.
Upon the coast line I swear I see...
Track Name: Graf Orlock
Welcome to your doom
you've been sleeping in his tomb.
Grotesque de-for-med.
Is he live or the undead?

Lurking from the stairs.
His claws he will bear.
He's got fangs sharp as knives.
He's of the undead kind.

Dark soulless creep.
Blood thirsty fiend.
Your doors you will lock to ban Graf Orlock x2

This death ship has a new captain they say.
He picked us off one by one before day.
Track Name: Undead Girl
Sweet Mary-Sue I think I love you.
You look so good tonight in blue.
Your skin it matches your dress.
The other boys I'm sure, I'm sure to impress.

That undead girl, my undead bride.
I don't mind that you're, you're not alive.

Out on the floor tonight we'll dance.
Your eyes they had me in such a trance.
The other kids well they'd never know.
That I met you six feet below.

That undead girl is pretty sweet.
She came from the cemetery and swept me off my feet.
Track Name: Not Human
We are not human.
We are not alone.
We are not human.
We are not alone.

Everything we say we shout it loud.
You haven't got a clue cause we blend in with the crowd.
We are not like you we came from far away.
We're slowly taking over and here, we're here to stay.

We didn't come from the unknown.
Look into the mirror beware what's shown.
Look into your eyes and you'll see your scared.
The emptiness that waits behind your stare.
Track Name: Never Grow Old, Never Die
Santa Carla is my new home.
Murder capital or so I've been told.
My brother and I needs some friends.
We'll go to the beach and party on the weekend.

I'll never grow old and I'll never die.
This is the Santa Carla night life.
Drink the wine and you might see.
That this is our eternal destiny.

David is my new friend.
He took me down to the depths of his den.
He taught me secrets of a family once lost.
I would never die, or so I thought.

It's plain to see. I still believe.
A vampire is the thing to be.
Come closer friends I'll tell you the tale
of how you can be just like me.

A battle on the patio! A death by stereo!